The History Behind The Name "Booger Swamp" by Tom Smith

When I started Booger Swamp I was a staff musician at a large church in Yadkinville, NC. Its address was 2200 Booger Swamp Road. The preacher at that time had a radio program on Saturday mornings and would always end it with a  “ Ya’ll come see us tomorrow on Booger Swamp road!”  

All the large southern gospel groups that would sing there would always say  “It sure is good to be back on Booger Swamp Road!” 

It seemed like great advertising! I know God laid the name on my heart but I never knew he would narrow us down to seven talented people with one being an excellent songwriter. I also had no idea our CD’s would be played all over the world! 

The history of the road is, back in the last century, kids walked the road going to school. Back then there was a swamp at the bottom. Parents, trying to protect their kids, would tell them that there were boogers (or the booger man) in there and to not cut through the swamp. 

Dena Wood of Texas loved our music but at first she didn’t like our name. Upon hearing this story  she said not to change our name. This world is a bigger swamp than ever and that God’s children need to listen to the advice of those early parents and to stay out! There’s a bigger booger out there trying to destroy God’s children today! 

Now you know the rest of the story! It does get people’s attention and you don’t forget the name! God’s got a sense of humor! 

Tom Smith 

Booger Swamp Rhythm Section